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Mac OS X 10.1: the presentation chronicle

Here is the chronicle of the seybold keynote minute by minute … As was to be expected, it concerns mostly Mac OS X and its applications.

Steve Jobs shows up on stage directly … San Francisco is not so far from Cupertino and there was no need to make a connection via Satellite. Steve prepares with a small introduction Schiller's intervention speaking generally of Mac OS and announced three important upgrades for Mac OS X 10.1: the software will be available in stores next Saturday (probably also in Italy). Owners of the previous version of the operating system will be able to perform a free update by going directly to the retailer or requesting the CD for $ 20.

One of the news promoted by Jobs is that of Microsoft! Office for X is truly impressive and built for the Mac user from the ground up. As announced, a "Test Drive" version of Word for X will be available for free download from the Internet.

Then Steve Jobs gives way to Phil Schiller for the whole presentation of the new OS X. Schiller begins with a historical examination of the operating system: the Unix foundations and the simplicity of the Mac married, the exceptional graphics, the ideal engine for the Digital Hub , the deep integration with the Internet, ideal for Mobility thanks to the multitude of languages ​​with which it can operate. Finally, compatibility through Classic for a soft migration to the new OS.

The performances of the new version of the OS are impressive (also on machines with G3, ed) the launch of the applications both under X and 9 is very fast, the resizing and moving of the windows, the copying of the files .. they reach speed peaks unexpected for those who have tried the first version of X. The performances of Java, Open GL and the news of AQUA are then enhanced.

But here are the news of AQUA, some requested by users, others already present in utilities that have appeared in recent months: – The Dock can be repositioned anywhere on the screen and one of the ends ends in a corner where it is more easily the trash can be found, a new animation effect "stairs" allows you to view the icons of the enlarged programs – Upon login you can access a list (with photos) of users, long names are supported, there is the support for the disabled with Universal Access and many improvements on the Mail program.Moreover many of the commands for accessing windows, docks, icons on the desk are manageable with the keyboard or with customizable key combinations.

Among the improvements in graphics, the 1.3 version of 128-bit encoded PDF, the improvement of OpenGL sailing performance, automatic printing via USB, direct management of postscript and LaserWriter printers and more than drivers for over 200 printers already available.

The product manager of X Bereskin goes on stage who demonstrates the speed of launching the applications and all the features that we have illustrated above as well as the choice of fonts under Mac OS X and their beauty (let's not forget to be at Seybold)

And now one of the most striking things about the new OS: the management of DVD playback which makes the one obtainable under MacOS 9 even more powerful machines pale: the Batman film appears on the screen and all the window movement operations and the other competing processes do not lose a single frame at the projection. But there is more … with a SuperDisk installed the system recognizes the blank DVDs and allows the burning of the data on the support with a simple Drag and Drop. the turn of Mike Evangelist: iDVD 2 is shown which will be released in October and will run only on X: it is the demo already shown in New York which however arouses the amazement of an audience not necessarily Mac-centric present at the show.

And now to introduce a topic related to the environment Schiller shows a trailer of the latest Pixar film: Monsters, Inc. and calls the product manager Zimmerer to talk about ColorSync 4 and the color control available under MacOS X. But let's not forget that as Mac OS 9 also X is "scriptable" with AppleScript and a Unix based operating system, with an interface like AQUA, Mac applications and moreover Scriptable can lead to incredible results also and especially in the world of DeskTop Publishing now that the release of "AppleScript Studio" is also expected shortly, which allows operating system management at professional levels.

As proof of this, the AppleScript product manager Sal Soghoian shows an entire automated publishing process created with Illustrator for Mac OS X and arouses the enthusiastic reaction of the public. Apple Script Studio is simple to manage and allows a very high customization.

It is now the turn of Office for X and the potential of the X version of Excel. Also announced a version of GoLive for X not yet ready but with many new features coming, but what is more important Bryan Lamkin of Adobe reiterates his company's commitment to the Mac platform, followed by the demos of LightWave for Mac OS X that uses both Altivec and Multiprocessing and the demonstration of Maya held by Andrew Pearce of Alias ​​| Wavefront.

For comments on the announcements, please refer to this page of our Forum.In the next few hours, details on the new products announced and many special services on Mac OS X 10.1