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Mac OS 10.2.4, problems for some modems

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Some problems for those who have decided to use Mac OS 10.2.4.

According to what is reported in some American forums, in fact, the update modifies the PPP section of the operating system by introducing code that "confuses" the drivers written for the previous version and that until the update to Mac OS 10.2.3 worked perfectly.

The changes afflict products such as Hermsted's Webshuttle also sold on the Apple Store as well as a series of other third-party modems intended for ISDN and analog connectivity.

Hermstedt herself admits that the new OS determines the inability for her modems to work and specifies that she was unable to promptly release an update for having had little information about it, as well as not knowing the date of its release at all .

At the moment, those who have problems with modem connectivity seem to have only one solution: deselect, from the modem options control panel, the option to correct errors in data transmission and to wait for the control panel signal. This way you run the risk of having a slower and less reliable connection.

For those who use the modem and have already updated to Mac OS X 10.2.4 a solution, use the "Archive and Install" procedure, restarting directly from the Mac OS X 10.2 CD and choosing "Options" when the possibility of installing the system appears operating on the disk that contains Mac OS X 10.2. This will make it possible to install the old version of Mac OS 10.2 and then upgrade to Mac OS 10.2.3.

Obviously those who have a new machine that can only work with Mac OS 10.2.4 (but in the homes of Italian users there should be very few and in any case they should have already noticed the bug) has no other solution than waiting for the release of a update the drivers of your modem or use the "buffer" solution which we mentioned a little above.