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Mac OS 10.2.3 available

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Apple unveiled the update to version 10.2.3 of Mac OS X overnight.

The update, which at the time of writing available only via 'Software update', contains a long series of changes and innovations, some of which are also quite significant.

Leaving the complete reading of the document that illustrates its characteristics in detail to those who want to do it and postponing our further study, here we limit ourselves to highlighting among the most relevant the usual series of new peripherals that are recognized by iPhoto and for burning. the remarkable list of improvements made to the part that deals with managing the display (including the integration of Open GL 1.4). There are also several changes that improve audio input and output via USB and increase the "intelligence" of the printer recognition system. The list of bug fixes on this page is also long.

Finally, we also point out that in Mac OS X 10.2.3 the 'Force Feebback' is implemented in a stable manner, that is, a system thanks to which various gaming peripherals are able to transmit vibrations upon application impulse. Force Feedback, which has been very popular in the PC environment for some time, is used especially for motoring titles, in order to simulate the jolts produced by the road and accidents, but also in first-person games to recreate the effect of the backlash caused by weapons.

Among the first games that should support Force Feedback, in addition to Nascar 2002 (released at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco) also the British Feral F1 Championship which could soon release a patch that will have this purpose.

The very full-bodied update. It is, in fact, a 51 MB download. A 'combo' update (which will include the 10.2.2 improvements already available for a total of 60 MB.

Perhaps it is the case, for those who have a non-ADSL connection, to visit their luckiest friends or their trusted retailer.

During the day we will show you all the news of the update. If you want to report your "discoveries" you can do it using this page of our Forum.