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Mac: finally reached 5% (on Google)

Mac: finally reached 5% (on Google) – Macitynet.it

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According to Cupertino's declarations, BMW (or Mercedes) of the computer market (Apple, ed) should have been holding 5% of the market for some time and conquering the remaining 95% by all possible means. figures assign to Apple, in a variable way over time, still a figure lower than the "famous" 5%. After all this, we can finally announce that, at least in one field, the coveted percentage has been reached. They are the "Zeitgeist" statistical data of the Google search engine, for the last month of September, which calculate in 5% the share of operating systems of the Apple house that have used online services. Anyone who is happy enjoys it, and Google is a good starting point since so far the platform had never exceeded 4% since these statistics exist, which certainly reflect a global vision of the IT world.

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