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Mac and PC: here's how to control them remotely from iPhone, touch and iPad

Mac and PC: here's how to control them remotely from iPhone, touch and iPad – Macitynet.it

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The remote control of computers is no longer an operation reserved for system engineers and professionals: thanks to the iPhone, touch and iPad it is possible to use the Internet connection to control not only our Mac but also the PC systems that work with Windows or even Linux. All the instructions, the necessary software and the advice of the editorial staff to remotely control any Mac and PC computer are on the new number 4 of Juice. The free magazine created by Macitynet for APstore (sponsor) available in two different formats: one optimized for reading on iPad and also in widescreen format, more practical for reading on Mac and PC.

Juice is a completely free guide for everything related to the Apple world: it offers a complete market guide for all Apple hardware and tips for choosing the ideal Mac, numerous reviews of peripherals and accessories and much more.

To download Juice guide number 4 for free, you can start from this Macitynet page.

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