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M100 is Palm's new affordable PDA

M100 the new economic PDA of Palm

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According to ZDNet, Palm's new "reduced" handheld will be ready for August: M100Reduced for two reasons: the price will be $ 149 in competition with those of Handspring (and to replace the IIIe model of the same price) and for the screen size 25% lower that make it even more transportable and “palm-sized”. Palm will supply different houses with more or less bright colors to adapt to customers' tastes, a new type of screen protection with the possibility of attaching it to the belt or to a keychain and, instead of the cradle, a simple cable for synchronization.The device will be powered by alkaline batteries.On the ZDnet site you will also find a series of close-up photos. It is undoubtedly an excellent product that will succeed in the most 'young people: in fact, the look cannot be defined as professional, but the portability and practicality are unparalleled. While WinCE handhelds increasingly play small computers, Pal m trying to make PDAs that are increasingly comfortable PDAs.

No announcement instead regarding the possibility of cellular connection for the current models sold in Europe that should see the light at the end of the year.

For more information on Palm OS PDA technology and their applications you can visit the Palmipede website.

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