Lytro launches the app for "living photos"

Lytro launches the app for "living photos"

Allows you to edit images taken by the Illum camera with light field technology

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For those who did not know it, the Lytro Illum the first camera on the market with light field technology, which, in a nutshell, allows you to navigate in the photos taken, changing the focus as desired. To keep company with his beautiful trinket, Lytro has just launched the app for iOs platforms, which allows you to view on the screen of the iPhone or iPad (or share via social media) the photos taken with the Illum, sent via wi-fi or with data connection.

This way you can enjoy tinkering with the shots light field immortalized by the camera: a tap for change the focus, a rotation to change the perspective, etc. To enjoy the full potential of the app you need to have 64-bit devices (iPhone 5S, iPad Air or Mini Retina).


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