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Logitech, three headphones for MP3 players

Logitech has announced three new dedicated headphones for the world of MP3 players. This is the Wireless model, the Identity model and the Curve model.

The first, as the name suggests, is a Bluetooth headset that has a range of about ten meters from the transmitter. Thanks to a frequency selection technology it guarantees the best possible reception in every situation. On the headphones there are the volume controls and the rechargeable batteries guarantee eight hours of uninterrupted use.

The headset, made of black plastic, structurally identical to the white iPod-specific headset presented a few weeks ago. The latter offers specific controls for iPods that allow you to select tracks and pause the player.

The Identity, a cable headset that stands out for the original shape of the earbuds (square) and the fact that the earphones are interchangeable and replaceable with others of different colors.


The Curve model marked by a rounded design and special ergonomic supports that adapt to the ears. Semi-transparent plastic.

All new Logitech headsets are of the model that fits on the back of the head. The cost for the American market is $ 129.99 for the Wireless model, $ 39.99 for the Identity model, and $ 29.99 for the Curve model.

At the moment the headphones don't seem to be available yet on the Italian Logitech website.