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Logitech K760, solar keyboard for Mac, iPhone and iPad to the test

Logitech K760, tastiera solare per Mac, iPhone e iPad alla prova

Solar today is the dominant trend in various sectors and Logitech tries to bring solar panel technology to the world of IT and specifically keyboards. In recent days Macitynet has tested the Solar Keyboard Folio, an iPad case with built-in solar keyboard, and today we test the K760, another Bluetooth device but this time designed for computers (although, as we will see, not only for computers) .

THE LOOKThe accessory looks like a carefully designed product, stylistically very close to the Mac accessories and perfectly "compatible" from the point of view of the look with Apple computers. The upper part has Chiclet-style keys, like those of Apple, that is, low-profile keys in large part perfectly square, the edges of the keyboard are in aluminum covered with a thin plastic film. Plastics are of good quality; the keys are opaque and slightly rough, the back made of a fairly robust plastic and certainly not of an economic aspect like that of similar products engineered by anonymous Chinese companies. It should be noted that Logitech underlines the fact that the materials are PVC-free, a choice that is in keeping with a solar product. To make the lion's share also stylistically, it is precisely the solar panels that enlarge the keyboard compared to the Apple Bluetooth one which, in the absence of this component, it would look very much from the dimensional point of view. The weight, although not excessive (1 KG), makes it not too suitable for mobile use.

FUNCTIONSThe K760 a Bluetooth keyboard that differs from other models can be combined with three different devices simultaneously. They provide three Bluetooth keys that we find at the top, the one where the keys or function are normally found. To pair a device we will have to press one of the keys, this will flash by putting the keyboard in search mode, at which point we will turn on the Bluetooth of the Mac and we can easily pair the keyboard. On Mac we will also be asked to enter a code that we will have to type on the Logitech keyboard; then we will have to tell, in guided mode, to the Mac what kind of keyboard it is in guided mode and the game will be done. We have several function keys, including Expos, DVD ejection, volume and brightness. The keyboard for also designed to work with iPhone and iPad; even simpler pairing. We activate one of the K760's Bluetooth keys, turn on Bluetooth and proceed with the recognition of the keyboard and we can immediately use it. Obviously with a mobile device, we will need to place iPad or iPhone on an ad hoc support in order to make the screen readable. On the Logitech keyboard there are not all the function keys that we find on specific Bluetooth keyboards for iPad and iPhone, but we still have the play button (which activates music playback), the one that calls the keyboard, volume keys, the cursor keys and the home button that brings iPad and iPhone back to the home screen. Among other details: we can check the battery charge using an ad hoc button and turn the keyboard on or off with a mechanical switch. According to Logitech with a charge, the keyboard can work for three months, 8 hours a day, even completely in the dark without needing to be exposed to light. Rechargeable batteries are accessible and, theoretically, replaceable if they lose their ability to hold a charge.

THE USETo be functional, a keyboard must have precise and comfortable typing. The Logitech K760 put to the test does not disappoint; the keys have a not too short stroke, but the response is dry and not rubbery like that of other similar devices. rather easy to get familiar with and gain speed in writing. Compared to Apple's Bluetooth keyboard, in our opinion, isi have two substantially the same products even if it must be said that the thing of the Apple accessory keys is shorter and for our tastes, preferable. Use as an accessory keyboard for iPad or iPhone may not be so frequent, but if you want to use it for this purpose the K760 does not disappoint, making writing much faster than the virtual keyboard of iOD. The lack of important keys such as multimedia keys, cut and paste keys, shutdown key, make it only a collateral product in this area.

CONCLUSIONSThe K760 is a good product, assembled with quality materials and with a design that makes it suitable for the Mac world. From the point of view of the functions and the response of the keys, it is completely comparable to an Apple Bluetooth keyboard, compared to which it costs only 10 euros in addition, a figure more than justified by the possibility of solar panels, a "bonus" that allows you to save on batteries, and the possibility of combining the keyboard with three different devices simultaneously, even if you intend to use an iPad or iPhone intensively to write long texts it might be more convenient to buy an ad hoc keyboard for this type of device. Only real, but also inevitable disadvantage compared to an Apple Bluetooth keyboard, the weight.

The K760 for sale on for 79.99 euros, shipping included; the part number with Italian layout, if you need to search online, 920-003874; different part numbers correspond to different layouts (German, British French and so on)

PRODoes not require recharging of batteries Design and quality materials Responsive and ergonomic typing Can be combined with more than one device at a time

VERSUSUnfavorable weight and size due to the expensive mobility of a traditional Bluetooth keyboard