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Logitech, here are all the 2008-2009 news

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A parade of novelties. Here is what Logitech reserved yesterday evening in a preview for the Italian press to which it presented its range of products for the autumn and early months of 2009. Background to the presentation of musical peripherals, mice and keys and the Milan Warehouse Space, the prestigious location of Magazzini Generali in via Pietrasanta.

David Moscato, Logitech's Regional Director for Italy, Malta and North Africa kicked off the presentation by briefly illustrating the results of the company which, founded 25 years ago, managed to manage the transition from the construction of peripherals intended mainly for the office to the most recent line. focused on digital entertainment. With a turnover of 2.3 billion dollars for 2008, Logitech is one of the main peripheral manufacturers who, thanks to innovation, the close links with the distribution and sales channels, is able to record double-digit growth results in an international context and cheap not easy.

In addition to the factors listed above, Moscato underlined the commitment of the company and the Italian branch regarding communication with customers, which is essential to illustrate the advantages of high-end Logitech products compared to competing low-priced products. While the mouse market in Italy grows by 15.73% Logitech records double growth rates, equal to 30.88%: data processed internally and with the help of information provided by the company GFK. Again in Italy Logitech managed to earn 2 market share points, going from about 16% to 18%.

The first product mentioned by Moscato is the new Squeeze Boom Box made in collaboration with Alice. It is a stereo speaker system that allows the playback of digital media stored in the computer and Internet radio via the wireless network. The new device will be marketed from 1 October in all Telecom stores, as well as the traditional channels of Logitech products.

The second to take the floor was Massimiliano Cimelli, Head of Marketing for Logitech Italia who presented a preview of the new Logitech products intended for video surveillance. These are two cameras, one for indoor and one for outdoor, which can be installed in just 15 minutes, simply by connecting the cameras to the power outlet.

Power and data are transferred using the home's power line and, with an adapter supplied in the installation kit, received from a computer that manages its functions thanks to the software included in the package. The cameras come into operation at intervals set by the user or through the recognition of movements in the monitored area. The filmed footage is stored on the computer, while the program capable of sending via SMS or email breaks video.

Cimelli then introduced the new Squeeze Boom Boxes that integrate all the functions and features required by users in a single device: amplifier, stereo speakers and radio alarm clock functions.

Among the new generation Logitech reproducers we also mention the Z5 stereo system with acoustics and omnidirectional speakers, able to spread music at 360 degrees inside the rooms of the house. The Z500 model is a more compact version and designed for portability: it can be stored in your pocket thanks to its compact dimensions of only 18 × 6 centimeters and allows you to play music from your PC, laptops and even mobile phones.

The other systems presented by Cinelli are those designed for iPod and iPhone: redesigned Pure-Fi Anywhere and the Pure-FiExpress Plus which in addition to the omnidirectional sound of the previous model also integrates batteries and a handle that allow you to carry it and use it anywhere. Macity will go into the details of the products to readers and Apple paperbacks with an in-depth article that will be published in the next few hours.

The star of the evening of news and presentations Logitech the new Illuminated Keyboard: only 9.3 mm thick, the thinnest keyboard made by Logitech. The complex integrated lighting system makes the letters perfectly visible, without visible light glimpses in the immediate vicinity. The brightness can be adjusted by the user, finally equipped with the new PerfectStroke technology that offers a stroke of the buttons higher than that of traditional notebook keyboards, making work more comfortable.

The review of the Logitech innovations completed by the mice with the VS50 Nano Cordless model equipped with a micro-receiver to be inserted in the USB port of the laptop that can be left in position even while on the move and equipped with two clips that allow you to fix the mouse to the notebook for travel within the home and office. Finally, the LS1 Laser mouse line which will be available in different colors to perfectly match the new shades of notebooks on the market.

The Logitech presentation evening was "enlivened" by Zelig's comedians who entertained those present with numerous original cabaret-style gags. Macity will publish in the next few hours the photo gallery of the Logitech products presented, focusing on the devices for iPod and Mac, as well as a series of comments and technical details collected by interviewing product managers and Logitech executives present at the event.