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Logitech Circle View presented with Apple HomeKit Secure Video support

Logitech Circle View presented with Apple HomeKit Secure Video support

As anticipated in early May, Logitech Circle View was presented, the new surveillance camera that supports HomeKit Secure Video, therefore with full integration with iPhone, iPad and Mac. It is a security webcam with video recording in high resolution 1080p and wide dynamic range, in order to guarantee perfectly sharp and visible shots in the details in any light condition, in full sunlight as well as in the shadows.

The 180-degree field of vision and infrared night vision allow you to always have everything under control, even at night and completely in the dark with visibility up to 4.5 meters. Compared to the previous model, the new Logitech Circle View built with a black aluminum frame and the design of the support base has been changed. As mentioned, it can be installed both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the weatherproof chassis. The presence of microphone and speaker allows video recording with audio and also two-way communication via the Logitech Circle app.

Support and integration with Apple HomeKit Secure Video guarantee maximum security and privacy. Videos recorded and streamed are end to end encrypted. The videos are recorded on iCloud: within the Apple Home app, the user can choose to perform streaming and automatic recordings when activities are detected at home, as well as to deactivate the camera when the user is at home.

To take advantage of the new Logitech Circle View camera and HomeKit Secure Video, no hub or subscription to dedicated services is required. The functions are in fact managed by Apple TV, iPad or by the HomePod speaker which is not yet marketed in our country. The videos taken are examined by the devices that act as a hub to verify that a person, animal or vehicle is present in the video before recording on iCloud.

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To take advantage of these video recording functions, you need to expand your iCloud plan with the 200GB package, proposed in the USA for 2.99 euros per month. This is enough to use a single video camera: instead to take advantage of a higher number you need to subscribe the 1 terabyte of space package that costs 9.99 euros per month. Remember that the space occupied by the surveillance camera footage is not counted in the file size on iCloud.

Logitech Circle View proposed at the price of 179.99 euros and indicated soon on arrival in our country. All the macitynet articles that talk about Logitech are available from this page. Instead for Apple home automation with HomeKit on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch, we refer to this study. Finally everything you need to know about HomeKit Secure Video in this article.