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Logitech Autumn Winter collection: many new products for Mac and iPod

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Among the numerous innovations presented yesterday by Logitech in Milan we find various accessories and peripherals exclusively designed and intended for the world of Apple. Since the first advances, the number and quality of the devices introduced demonstrate a growing interest of the Swiss company in the world of Apple, a factor which was then officially confirmed also by Logitech executives interviewed by Macity immediately after the presentation.

"The Mac platform and market are growing, for this reason Logitech has presented and will present in the future a growing number of devices and accessories exclusively intended for the Mac" these are the first words of Frdric Boutin, Emea Product Manager Internet Communication of Logitech, interviewed by Macity correspondent.

Boutin explained to Macitynet the main features of the first webcam made by Logitech only for Mac: QuickCam Vision Pro. As per tradition, Logitech is a top of the range product in terms of quality and functions: 2 megapixel sensor, Carl Zeiss lenses and automatic adjustment for focus and sensitivity to light. Instead of the stepper mode solution used by most traditional webcams, and which allows only two focus positions, the new QuickCam Vision Pro for Mac can move the lenses over different lengths thus offering more focal points.

The focus is so immediate, less than three seconds, to shoot close and moving subjects in front of the lens at maximum clarity. Boutin stressed that all the software for operating the Logitech webcam only for Mac is directly all integrated into the internal video processors: to work QuickCam Vision Pro must simply be connected to the USB port and does not require the installation of software. Already commercially available at a price of 100 euros including VAT.

Boutin then introduced the Mac keyboard for laptops to Macity. The version with layout for Windows systems was present in the exhibition area but the manager explained that Logitech also offers a Mac version with a modified layout. Proposal starting from October at the price of 99 euros, the keyboard designed to improve ergonomics and the comfort of work at home and in the office. In addition to the wireless connection, it integrates a numeric keypad: in addition to giving an excellent feeling to the very subtle touch, diNovo offers a refined and elegant design.

Among the other products illustrated by the Logitech executive, we also mention ClearChat PC Wireless, a device that can also be used with Macs. The first stereo headset with a completely wireless microphone was introduced in July: it does not use Bluetooth technology but a Logitech 2 solution, 4 GHz.

In the tour led by Boutin among the Logitech devices designed for the Mac or capable of operating on both platforms, we mention the Z-5 speakers, an innovative omnidirectional speaker system capable of offering high quality audio in the whole environment. Instead of the classic solutions that spread the sound in one direction, the new Logitech Z-5s take advantage of the omnidirectional technology usually integrated in high-end home theater systems. They connect to the computer's USB port and require no other cables or external power supply, batteries or power supplies. The installation of the software necessary only to be able to use the remote control: they are offered at a price of 79.99 euros including VAT.

Macitynet also interviewed Lorenzo Mandelli, Product Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, who illustrated the main Logitech solutions regarding devices and accessories for mobility. Among the many Logitech solutions illustrated by Mandelli we mention the new video surveillance systems and the Illuminated Keyboard. For the first time the manufacturer has presented two products intended for the realization of affordable video surveillance systems: these are two video cameras, one for indoors and one for outdoors, which can be installed in a few minutes. Operation requires only the electrical connection: data and videos are also transferred to the building's electrical system. A special adapter included in the installation kit allows the computer to receive the signals and video clips from the cameras via the USB port and from there via the mains.

As for the Illuminated Keyboard, Logitech technicians have worked hard to reduce the thickness by 30% compared to the previous thinner Logitech keyboards, achieving the remarkable result of 9.3 mm of overall thickness. In this small space, an effective lighting system has been installed consisting of LEDs arranged around the perimeter, light guides and microspheres positioned in the keys that allow you to illuminate only and exclusively the letters and symbols, without any annoying light leaks. The working comfort ensured by a longer stroke of the buttons, 3.2 mm against the traditional 2.2 of the keyboards of the laptops, able to give a better typing feeling. Illuminated Keyboard is already available at a price of about 80 euros including VAT.

We refer all our readers interested in Logitech products to our large photo gallery.