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Log in to Facebook as a visitor: here are all the ways to do it

facebook senza login

one of the most visited pages per day as well as one of the most downloaded and used apps. Let's talk about Facebook, the social network that still reigns supreme in Italy and that according to the 2019 Digital Report published by We are Social, together with Hootsuite, has 31 million subscribers, of which 52% are men.

But, despite the numbers, there is a section of the Italian population that may have been registered and is no longer or perhaps wants log in without logging in. S, incognito.

Are you wondering if this is possible? We see it and how.

Access to Facebook as a visitor via desktop

Facebook, being a website in addition to a social network, not only allows everyone to view a profile as long as it is public, but also to get there via a search on Google or other engine.

To search for any friend or famous person, such as Emma Marrone, just type in the name of the singer on Google by adding a Facebook profile. By doing this you are immediately redirected to the singer's page which you can view for a few seconds after which the social network asks you to see other content from other people or to enter your credentials to enter. Or register, of course, that the main purpose of Facebook.

You can get around by clicking not now. It goes without saying that the string below that invites you to register will still remain, but you can go down with the mouse or keyboard and scroll to see what interests you.

facebook without login

Obviously visiting the page this way, since Facebook is a social network and also a community, you can't do much, in fact we say practically nothing. You can't share the post, you can't like it, you can't comment.

Because the social media is also very clever, if you click on the buy button or any call to action button that links to an external page, everything works. In the case of the official Emma Marrone page, right now, if you click on buy you will be sent back to Spotify where I could listen to the preview song.

In addition to entering the search engine, you can log in and look for the person you are interested in from the Facebook search engine itself. The above is true as long as it has a public profile.

Access to Facebook as a visitor via mobile

What we have explained to you is access via browser, but you can do the same thing from your mobile, always logging in without login. Even in this case, access from your phone's Internet browser and go to Facebook by typing or by searching for the profile that interests you from the search engine.

Access Facebook as a visitor through directories

But it does not end here: there are also Facebook links that allow you direct access to the type of people you are looking for on the social network and this always without access.

Just click on to arrive, after you have confirmed that you are not a robot, to a page with a search field and all the letters in alphabetical order. Here you can either go to the search engine at the top right and type in the name of the person you are interested in or scroll through all the letters.

There are also similar directories for pages, but it could not be otherwise since the pages are public and many companies use them instead of the site or even more than that. Just click on because you see a screen similar to the one for people: with the letters of the alphabet and with an internal search engine at the top right.

Same thing for groups with the link (although most private groups then you can see little and in any case you can't interact) and also for work.

Did you know that Facebook has a careers page? The link and allows you to browse through job offers on the Zuckerberg social media.

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