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LockscreenToggles, quickly access system settings on iPhone, iPod and iPad | Cydia


ConLockscreenToggles can have quick switches for system settings directly in the lockscreen of iPhone, iPod and iPad | Cydia

Despite persistent user requests, Apple still does not want to insert the quick switches for system settings in the notification bar of its devices.

These switches, obviously available for users who have jailbroken their devices, they are really comfortable and allow you to change any system setting on the iPhone, iPod and iPad on the fly. A similar solution has been adopted by Google for its Android operating system is for Apple devices it would already be available, since on Cydia there are many tweaks that add the switches for the settings directly in the system notification bar. However, Apple does not like this solution and insists on not wanting to allow users to quickly change system settings.

Fortunately, as we said, there is a jailbreak, which allows you to overcome all the limits imposed by Apple on its mobile operating system.

Today, in fact, I present the tweakLockscreenToggles which, as you can easily guess from the name, allows you to add toggles (or switches) for quick system settings directly on the lockscreen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Practically, directly in the lockscreen of your Apple device, you will have access to the main system settings such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and more. A very comfortable tweak that allows you to change the iOS settings on the fly, without having to go each time in the dedicated menu.

The tweakLockscreenToggles available in Cydia and represents in my opinion an excellent alternative to the more well-known and widespread SBSettings, another tweak that allows you to have toggles for system settings at your fingertips.

Contrary to SBSettings, that brings with it the installation of many other things, this LockscreenToggles will install only one application on your device and is overall lighter and more intuitive to configure. Interestingly, then, that SBSettings does not offer the same toggle as LockscreenToggles: here we find the toggle for the flash, which is missing on the competitor.

Obviously also withLockscreenToggles you will have the possibility to customize the toggles, add them, remove them and arrange them as you like.

The LockscreenToggles program costs $ 1 on Cydia and I highly recommend you try it and download it for your Apple devices. It is light, easy to set up, customizable and really well made. Not to mention that it is very convenient to change system settings on the fly.

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