30wears Livia Firth with her husband Colin Firth

Livia Firth: from Twitter to the catwalk with the # 30wears campaign

Before throwing a dress make sure you have worn it at least 30 times: the claim of # 30wears, the campaign of which Livia Firth spokeswoman

Before throwing a dress make sure you have worn it at least 30 times: the claim of # 30wears, the campaign of which Livia Firth, or Livia Giuggioli, the wife of Colin Firth, spokeswoman.

Livia Giuggioli Firth: low cost is not always good

Many people buy, accumulate and then throw away, even without ever wearing. Livia Giuggioli Firth, wife of Colin Firth, invites to reflect on the relationship between fashion and sustainability. He chose Twitter to launch his awareness campaign on the real value of clothing, via lhashtag # 30wears.He encouraged consumers to buy clothes that could be worn over a lifetime at least 30 times.With fast fashion we are used to buying and throwing. I read that Western women get rid of clothes after just five weeks. I am 47 years old, when I was 18 to buy MaxMara's first coat I put the money aside for two years and I still have that garment. Now everything has changed, but fashion does not have to be disposable. Sustainability also means thinking about who is behind that t-shirt we buy for fun. The fashion system made of people explained Livia Firth. They sold us the myth that buying a five-euro t-shirt, or a democratic ten-piece suit, but the reality that today we are addicted to this mechanism.The success of the fast fashion production and consumption system, based on offering trendy clothes at low cost prices, would then have generated a series of knock-on effects from the devastating impacts on the environment and on the conditions of textile industry workers.

The data on which it is based# 30wears by Livia Firth

The numbers actually seem to confirm the vision of the Firth. Second an analysis by the Council for Textile Recycling (US non-profit organization committed to promoting recycling practices in the textile sector), Americans produce 10 million tons of textile waste every year, throwing around 85% of the garments purchased. Since the average annual expenditure calculated for clothing is $ 1,700, it means that the average American wastes 1,445 to replace ephemeral purchases. Therefore, low-cost shopping does not seem to be a bargain for the consumer. The social aspect is added to the economic aspect. The production of clothes that we find for sale at a few euros relocated to countries where labor costs very little (in Bangladesh, for example, where many factories are allocated, the minimum wage of a textile worker of $ 2 a day, $ 68 a month) .The Firth has pointed the finger at those who profit from these mechanisms: Just to give an idea, Amancio Ortega, owner of Zara, has accumulated the fortune of 70 billion dollars while Stefan Person, CEO of H&M founded by his father, has assets of over 20 billion dollars.

# 30wears, a viral hashtag

The Twitter campaign has been very successful. Many people have posted their clothes, showing how the same dress, revisited with creativity, can give life to different outfits. Even the stars have not pulled back, we can mention Emma Watson, the Harry Potter Hermione, who participated in a gala evening with a black and white dress sewn with recycled materials, plastic and biological fabric. Even the actresses Margot Robbie and Lupita Nyongo have joined the # 30wears campaign, parading with completely recycled clothes.Every time we buy something like we vote for a brand. Before making a purchase concludes the Firth better to stop for a moment and ask yourself if you will still wear it in six months and at least thirty more times. If the answer is, buy, regardless of the store and the brand.

Livia Firth from Twitter at the Green Carpet

From the social media to the catwalk: the Green carpet fashion awards Italy arrived in Italy in September, promoted by the Italian National Chamber of Fashion and Eco Age (the company of which Livia Firth founder and creative director), with the support of Mise and Ice. Levento was hosted by the Teatro alla Scala on the occasion of Milano moda Donna, with Armani, Valentino, Gucci, Prada. There were also emerging designers, for whom a contest was created specifically. In the search for a quality that lasts over time, in fact, the role of the fashion designer becomes fundamental, a professional who is able to interpret not only the trends of fashion and market demands but also having a design culture. Aware of the fact that the quality of a garment destined to last over time, although inevitably affecting the price, increases its value.

30wears Livia Firth with her husband Colin Firth

Livia Firth with her husband Colin Firth