Live View, augmented reality arrives on Google Maps

Live View, augmented reality arrives on Google Maps

Lots of news on the map service with solutions for better orientation and more information

Google Live View(Photo: Google)

It can often be difficult to understand which direction to take by looking at the directions on the map, even with the pointer using the compass. But with the news Google Live View Now Google Maps can make everything more natural and easily understandable thanks to the support of augmented reality.

How does it work? Thanks to arrows that indicate more precisely where to go but above all with the great help of the real world pictures they automatically orient themselves on the display whenever you look in one direction.

So instead of a four or five way intersection with the compass that can be confusing, just take a look at the screen and head towards the dark green building or towards the equestrian monument and so on. The obvious comfort, above all for the fact that by moving on foot the reduced speed and often one walks for too many steps before realizing that he has taken the opposite path.

Before today Live View was only available for Local Guide of Google Maps and for users of Google Pixel smartphone, but will be available on most of the cell phones with the green robot operating system compatible with ARCore, but also with the iPhone that support ARKit. Availability will be gradually released, on this page the complete list of compatible devices.

How to take advantage of Google Live View?

– You will have to open Google Maps therefore search for a place or a destination from the search engine or by indicating it on the map with a long tap;

– You will have to select "Directions" at the bottom left and choose to receive those for it moving on foot (the icon above);

– Finally, just click on Live View below to open the function.


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