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Live Mac Live Music also on Mac: on iTMS

At the end of Live 8 on Saturday, much of the live music played in the various concerts was already available for download from a P2P server.

But if someone did not like the illegality and preferred the institutional channels, where to go to look for the music of Live 8?

The official website only re-directs to the unacknowledged 7 Digital Media, which until now has only sold two Paul McCartney songs. The problem is that the format used is compatible only with the Windows platform.

After a few hours for Cupertino also moved and on iTunes the availability of the same songs of the former Beatles: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Live) and The Long and Winding Road (Live), the first performed together with U2 on stage from London.

Currently the song sung by McCartney with U2 at the top of almost every digital music chart, in countries where available.

As the minutes passed, Universal Music made the effort to put these two songs on sale, exclusively in digital form, at about two hundred online stores, but only iTunes remains compatible with both Mac and Win platforms. The first paid download was made 45 minutes after the concert ended.

The music publisher recounted the steps taken to get online with such songs: the BBC in London received the live broadcast via satellite, Radio Capital received the feed from the BBC and then burned it digitally, then sent to Hannover at the center Universal production that distributed it through the US arm of the company.

Any profit from these two songs will be donated to the Live 8 speakers.

Paul McCartney illustrated at the end of the article while playing the piano in London, to the side behind Will Smith from Philadelphia you can see an Apple PowerBook in support of the DJ who played the basics for the rapper / presenter of the USA concert of Live 8.

On the other hand, quick times for videos on the web with the Live 8 event that so many obviously want to relive.

Stimulated by the arrival of Google Video (still in an experimental phase and only for Windows) AOL immediately introduced its new section dedicated to digital movies online, in fact even before releasing the home player, AOL Video Player, the search system based on on Singingfish, bought by AOL two years ago, running and there are already several videos related to Live 8, many of which are easily readable with multimedia players already installed on your Macs.

For now, viewing these videos is also available to non-AOL subscribers.

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