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Linux receives US defense approval.

The COE – Common Operating Environment is the official certification of the DISA – Defense Information Systems Agency, which a department of the United States Department of Defense practically holds the license that accredits IT systems at military facilities and everyone can imagine how severe the tests are. that the codes must follow to get the okay.

From 1993 to now only WinNT, AIX, HP-UX and Solaris 8 were certified by this agency and the entry of the first Linux, that of RedHat in the Advanced Server 2.1 version, an important news for the open-source world.

The checks of the DoD – Department of Defense were made on IBM machines of the eServer xSeries 330 line and the Armonk managers did not miss the opportunity to join the celebrations, underlining how this solution is decidedly less expensive (the RedHat software costs from 800 at $ 2,500, depending on the version, although other less proprietary versions are even cheaper) and, at least, equally qualified, than other systems.

Next candidate to undergo military tests will be Oracle 9i RAC for the software side and HP's ProLiant servers for the hardware side.

RedHat managers will hold a conference on 25 February at 18 Italian time, online at this address, to present the details of the COE certification just obtained.