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Linux higher and higher

A record increase in the percentage of penetration in the USA ended last quarter, demonstrating an increasing attention to the Linux world.

According to data released yesterday by Dataquest, Linux Open Source servers almost doubled the turnover generated last year reaching 384.6 million dollars in the last quarter of 2002 alone.

In first place in sales is IBM, a company that has focused heavily on Linux, followed by HP and Dell. In fourth place, but largely detached also because he started the Linux business only recently, there is Sun.

Linux servers currently account for 14% of all servers sold in the U.S. versus 9% last year.

Linux steals market from Unix (which drops by 3%) but evidently also from other platforms.

If you make an assessment on the hardware Intel remains the undisputed leader with 90% of the market and increases its thinking compared to proprietary processors such as those of IBM and Sun. The increase in Intel servers was a good 17.4% on 12 months and 3.5% in the last fiscal quarter.

Overall, IBM ranks first in server turnover, followed by Sun, HP and Dell. In terms of units sold in the first place we find HP followed by Dell.