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LinkedIN Video: now you can upload videos on the social media

LinkedIN Video now reality. Everyone can upload videos to the professional social network and through the App they can directly record videos

LinkedIN Video now reality. Everyone can upload videos on the professional social network, not only … through the App you can directly record videos, just like you do with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

LinkedIN Video, what is it for?

Every day, millions of LinkedIn members have conversations about their work, career and personal interests. We have seen countless examples of how these conversations allow members to move forward in their careers and find their own way to new opportunities. For this reason we continue to invest in new ways to discover great content and contribute to the conversations that most affect people. This is the official motivation that led to the creation of the new LinkedIN Video feature posted by Pete Davies, Group product manager of LinkedIN.

How to use LinkedIN Video

In the LinkedIn mobile application, you need to click the share box at the top of the feed (iOS) or the post button (Android) and tap the video icon. You can record a video in the application or upload something already recorded.LinkedIn Video

Find out who is viewing your videos on LinkedIN

This is a very useful function of LinkedIN Video: to know who viewed our video. always an important piece of information but on LinkedIN, considering that it is a professional social network, with possible contacts of listening work, even more. After publishing a video, you can view the statistics on the views, like the main companies that display have seen, the positions covered by the viewers of the video, the likes, as well as how many views received in total and obviously the comments received from the video. With this information you can tell if the video is reaching the people and companies that really interest you. Video audience information can be found in the LinkedIn profile dashboard.

LinkedIN Video for all

The new functionality, after the first experiments of last month, now available for everyone, just check in the App if the function has already been activated, if not, don't worry. LinkedIN has promised a fast distribution all over the world.

Linkedin Video