LinkedIn: new interface, 10 things to know

LinkedIn: new interface, 10 things to know

After the restyling of the desktop version at the beginning of the year, LinkedIn proposed new changes to the interface and numerous features.

LinkedIn has a new interface and numerous new features. The platform thus becomes even more similar to Facebook, which seems to want to challenge the social work.

As with most new roll-outs there are some improvements, some losses and even some features that don't run as expected. And, as can be expected from the previous LinkedIn releases, the roll-out occurred over time and some changes have already occurred at the beginning of the year.

In this post we will share with you the changes that will have the greatest impact on the personal branding platform and on the chances of a successful career, along with what needs to be done to maximize these changes. Experience becomes more coherent, whether you use the desktop version or the mobile version. It will make it much easier for you to connect to LinkedIn to enjoy similar features regardless of which device you use.

What's new in the LinkedIn interface?

Navigation changed. In the navigation bar are available seven main areas (top right):

  1. Home (the personal feed)
  2. My network
  3. Works
  4. Messaging
  5. Notifications
  6. I
  7. Tools (giving access to Learning, Post to Jobs, Advertise, Groups, ProFinder, Salary, Search and Slideshare)

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<h2><span class=Changes in the LinkedIn profile

The LinkedIn profile is the first impression for those who want to get to know someone. This means that it is important to understand the new features of the profile, reviewing the profiles so as to provide a first impression that is as authentic and positive as possible.

LinkedIN Profile NonSelf


Lheadshot looks like a circle – rather than a square – and appears above the title, not to the left. Therefore, by choosing a headshot in which you are facing, it will be possible to simulate a "visual contact" with the public. The circle offers less space, so it will be even more important to use an effectively clipped close-up.


Only the first two lines of the summary are automatically displayed. Visitors must click on "watch more" to read the entire summary. So the first two sentences are critical. you need to use them to attract readers to decide to view the full version.

LinkedIn background

The size of the background image has changed. The new dimensions are 1584 × 396 pixels. This feature should be used to help the profile stand out from the others.

Web sites

The website section, which allows you to connect to three sites on the web to amplify your branding message is no longer customizable.

Skills / Awards in LinkedIn

In the new version, only the first three are seen. This means that it is necessary to make sure that the first three skills are the most authentic and aspirational so that interested parties understand the value offered. The good news that LinkedIn has not removed the functionality that allows you to rearrange the three most important skills in the best places regardless of how many awards have been received.


In the last cycle of changes, LinkedIn has added many features that allow you to customize the profile, but it is no longer possible to move the sections of the profile so as to view the most important contents at the top.


Measuring the value of a brand has become difficult. The classification system that shows how we compare with others has been interrupted and there is no longer any way to search for historical data on how we classified ourselves. It was a great way to measure the impact of brand building activities and see how to classify the views to the profile. We hope this feature will be restored soon.

Network changes

The new real-time messaging interface allows you to send a connection from any screen when you are on LinkedIn. It makes it easy for us to keep conversations going with our connections. Unfortunately, the advanced search has been removed. There is only a universal search box where you can find people, jobs, companies, groups and schools. You can refine your search by using the filter options on the right side, ordering people by:

  • Connections (1st, 2nd or 3rd +)
  • Locations
  • Current companies
  • Previous companies
  • Industries
  • Profile language
  • Non-profit interests
  • Schools

LinkedIN Search People

LinkedIn has made it known that it will add the option to search for posts in a future update.

Increase your network

A big loss is the tagging feature that allows you to create tags and organize contacts by assigning them to one or more tags. The only ways to order connections are now:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Recently added

There is a new "Highlights" feature that has replaced the "In Common" feature that shows the connections, groups and clichés where you worked.

Notifications are now more important. By clicking on the bell icon in the top navigation, you will reach a page dedicated to notifications, including memories, profile views and addresses.

Overall, the new LinkedIn interface looks better than the previous one, but some of the features that we thought were extremely valuable have disappeared.

LinkedIn profile Self