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Like Facebook: the social network wants to hide the "Like"

There could be a change in Facebook's "Likes", a solution already experimented with Instagram

Facebook likes could soon be hidden on news feed posts. In essence, the number of "likes" received and therefore the total of those accumulated would be hidden from one's friends, be it a video, a photo or a simple status. The company had already tested a similar thing onInstagramlast August in many countries including Italy and could start testing the same system on its platform. The motivation? The same, that is helping to break users' fixation in obtaining the "Like" and to focus more attention on the content.

like of facebook

The discovery on hidden Facebook likes

To reveal the prototype of the next test on Facebook likes, as reported by the TechRunch portal, was the researcher Jane Manchun Wong who revealed, through a tweet published on her profile with an eloquent image, how experimentation in the app for Android is been started.

Wong writes on her blog: "I observed that Facebook has recently started experimenting with a function that hides likes in its Android app". This is a sign that the test could become public even with a simple activation on the server side by Facebook.

Facebook, contacted by TechRunch, has therefore confirmed that it is considering trying to remove the counts of like. However, it is not yet active for all users. No details were provided when the news could become official. The trend is becoming very common among social platforms. For example also YouTube from September it will no longer show the exact number of channel users with over a thousand subscribers, but only an approximate number.

We certainly know that with Instagram tests, users can still see the likes accumulated for your posts. "Like" are not publicly visible but can be viewed by the author of the post. But you can't see them for other people's posts. It is not yet clear if Facebook is going to work exactly the same way.