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LightBike2: digital racing cars are back on iPhone and touch

LightBike2: digital racing cars are back on iPhone and touch – Macitynet.it

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The return to the cinemas of the TRON saga is practically dividing fans in two; if on the one hand there are those who can't wait to return to the digital universe of the Disney feature film and relive it with new 3D technologies, on the other hand traditionalists fear an extreme trivialization of the work. However, as TRON: Legacy approaches the cinema, games inspired more or less shamelessly by the series are multiplying, and LightBike2 is certainly no exception.

Following a famous game for iPhone and iPod Touch, LightBike2 puts the player in the saddle of what has all the air of being a TRON Light Cycle: same design, same color palettes and also same game mechanics. The aim will in fact be to knock out the other drivers, closing their trajectory thanks to the colored trail that your fireball will leave behind. A sort of futuristic and multiplayer Snake. Compared to the original chapter, the possibility of skipping a trail when cornering has been implemented, while a three-dimensional scenario has been added to the classic 2D ones. A Deathmatch mode also debuts, while via Bluetooth it is possible to challenge up to 3 friends at the same time.

You can also challenge opponents online, and the points earned allow you to rise in rank in an interesting ranking system. LightBike2 available for free on the AppStore.

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