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Lexmark, a record year

Lexmark with the beginning of 2003 launched its gauntlet to the 'big sisters' of the world of printers, HP, Canon and Epson, facing them with particularly interesting and among the most requested new products on the market, confirming the trend that sees it as one of the most growing realities in the world of printing.

Lexmark has thus launched an 'all in one' printer, which is also capable of photocopying and faxing. The X5150, this is the name of the model, is placed in a segment that is experiencing a great popularity in which it enters with a very aggressive price: $ 149 on the US market.

Lexmark also introduced a black and white printer for the business market, the t420d capable of producing 22 pages per minute.

Lexmark, which recently entered into an agreement with Dell to manufacture and market printers under the brand name of the largest American computer manufacturer, has had a particularly positive year. The last quarter posted profits of 90 cents per share and the current one is expected to close with profits between 62 and 72 cents per share. 2002 closed with a profit of $ 2.79 per share.

Recall that Lexmark printers are also compatible with Mac and that in recent months the Cupertino online store has repeatedly offered bundles and special initiatives with Lexmark printers.