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Levelground presents two new MAS plug-ins

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Levelground presented its first products, Vintavision 1.0 and Fattenizer 1.0 for the MAS plug-in format at the end of January.

Vintavision 1.0 and Fattenizer 1.0 offer musicians and operators of the sector of any thickness the possibility to improve the sound of single or whole mix tracks by adding a vintage-style "coloring" of the sound with Vintavision or a greater "body" with Fattenizer through the their algorithms.

Both include internal 64bit signal processing, a Core with two distinct processing engines, each with parameters equivalent to two plug-ins and loaded with ten distinct algorithms, and a chain or parallel processing option to allow up to one maximum of one hundred different possible combinations.

The Levelground license allows you to install Vintavision 1.0 or Fattenizer 1.0 on three computers in a single recording studio.

LevelGroung Media offers Vintavision 1.0 and Fattenizer 1.0 through its Online Store for $ 129.95 Dollars each, or bundled for $ 169.95.

Visitors to their website will have a special introductory price for a limited time. [By Daniele Volpin]