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Let's discover the wines and cellars with Il Cucchiaio d ’€ ™ Argento‘ € "WINE

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Il Cucchiaio d'Argento, a prestigious name in the field of gastronomy and taste in Italy, relaunches on the App Store and after bringing some of its most important recipes publications, it now offers WINE, an application entirely dedicated to the world of enology but in relation to food and dishes. Therefore, not a simple compendium of wines, more or less known, but a guide to good drinking combined with good eating

The program features 500 labels from 150 Italian wineries, selected with the advice of the authoritative sommelier Andrea Gori, who – as the editor explains – enter the users' iPhone, follow them in the wine shop, restaurant or supermarket to accompany with a good bottle every day recipes and special dishes for special occasions. The most successful combinations between the taste and aroma of the wine and the aroma of the dish are thus presented, highlighting information such as: name, organoleptic characteristics, the best vintage, alcohol content, temperature, price and all suggestions on the glass to use, on the decanter and other useful tricks.

There are three different types of combinations with food: classic, sophisticated and surprising, to honor tradition without renouncing to discover new horizons of taste.

There is no shortage of functions such as "around me", thanks to which it is possible to view the producers closest to where you are, with all the coordinates necessary to reach them, the "I taste" area, a social function that allows you to pin the wines that you prefer at the restaurant or at dinner with friends and to photograph the bottle, create a personalized card and write down your favorite wineries.

"My cellar", finally, helps the user to organize a cellar with their favorite labels, also using a complete glossary to learn all the technical terms.

The Silver Spoon – WINE can be purchased on the App Store for 79 cents.