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LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, the first RPG of the famous bricks lands on mobile

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, the first RPG of the famous bricks lands on mobile

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed is now available for download on App Store, Google Play is Microsoft Store, and it is the first time that the most famous bricks in the world have ventured into a Role playing game (the puzzle game had recently arrived on Apple Arcade Builder's Journey).

The title, which is the result of the collaboration between Gameloft and LEGO Groups, is a bit of a summa of what are the settings and i most characteristic characters of the history of the brand.

During the adventure, they will be able collect more than 50 minifigures and visit those places that perhaps in childhood we built or dreamed under the Christmas tree (today probably in the letter we would put the reproduction of the ISS made with NASA). Like those of the LEGO City set is LEGO Castle, of which it will also be possible to unlock digital reconstructions of the originals reproduced in detail. Complete with original box and instruction booklet, correct. But it's not over here, because it will be possible to gradually recreate them in the gamepiece by piece.

Over the course of the game, there will be then another thing that the player will have to build carefully: that is your team of characters, paying attention to synergies and trying to find the right balance between them different skills with which each is characterized. During the adventure it will be possible recruit new members for his team by making friends with iconic characters of the past and present of LEGO such as the sorcerer Majisto, the historic Captain Barbarossa of the set 6270 of 1989 and the funny Chicken Suit Guy, who lives up to his name and presents himself wearing a chicken.

The action starts from the ruins of Piptown, a small village that the player will be called to rebuild carrying out various missions and using the strategy in turn-based battles. And we bet that much of the charm of the game will be more than in the RPG structure in the"diorama" effect, which is what has always marked the success of LEGO: namely in the possibility of create and observe your own miniature world.