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Leef bridge: simple and immediate file transfer NEWS

Leef bridge

Transferring files from one device to another is often a long and tedious process, starting today with Leef bridge no more.

Leef bridge

How many times have we found ourselves having to send a photo or video from our smartphone to the tablet or PC? With a Wi-Fi connection there are many programs that allow it, but we don't always have a Wi-Fi connection, we could use the cable but if we are with a friend we should install the drivers on his pc and it would become long and boring. Now no longer thanks to Leef bridge, this usb-microusb pen works by first inserting it into the phone with the microusb and then into the pc with the usb output. The only flaw of this pen is that our device supports the OTG (usb on the go) and that it has android 4.1 or higher. In addition, a file reader must be installed on the device, the manufacturer recommends astro file manager.

This usb stick will be sold to $ 18 model 16 GB is $ 29 the one from 32GB and will be purchasable from the official website.

A really comfortable simple and pocket accessory, within everyone's reach, would you buy it?