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LED Torch Flashlight: a powerful torch for iPhone 4

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Using the screen of your mobile phone to make light in the dark is certainly not new: for some time now there have been small and apparently banal software that simply leave the white display to illuminate around. And, since old iPhone models have also been used for this purpose, it was obvious that it wouldn't be long before we saw an equivalent iPhone 4 application. However, unlike similar programs, some of them try to take advantage of the features of the new device.

This is the case, for example, of LED Torch Flashlight, a very simple free application that allows you to make light using the flash of the iPhone 4 camera. Thanks to a continuous and powerful beam of light, the tool will allow you to illuminate much better than the use of the classic display, although developers are keen to warn users: continuous use will put a strain on the battery of the device, which could thus discharge itself in a short time. The interface is as simple as it is lackluster, since a single button on the screen allows you to turn the flash on or off. However, as trivial as such an application may seem, it could prove useful during a blackout or in times of emergency.

The most interesting aspect, in any case, derives from the approval of the App; the developer had first received a denial from the approval team due to "Improper use of iPhone hardware". Immediate an email addressed to Phil Schiller who, called into question, promised to be interested in the affair; the effect produced by the field manager of the marketing manager was the rather rapid appearance of the App on the iTunes Store, an event that will surely open the doors to many other applications that will do the same thing.

LED Torch Flashlight available on the App Store for free.

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