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Learn to program for iOS, iPhone and iPad with the BuyDifferent course

Learn to program for iOS, iPhone and iPad with the BuyDifferent course


BuyDifferent has prepared a video course also for programming for iOS

Buydifferent video course

I don't know about you, but I've always had a great desire to learn to program for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Basically, I would have liked learn how to prepare and develop applications for iOS devices.

Too bad that starting from scratch is not so simple and immediate and you need a guide, a book or, perhaps, a video course. There are seminars dedicated to the development of applications for iOS, but they are usually very expensive and do not always give the desired results. From today, however, BuyDifferent also takes the field with its video course to learn how to develop applications for iOS.

So, if you too have always wanted to program applications for iOS, but you don't have the right preparation to do it or you didn't know where to start, now you have no more excuses.

In fact, BuyDifferent has included video courses in its catalog which explain in detail how to program and develop applications for iOS.

The course consists of 11 lessons for a total duration of 12.5 hours.

Inside, in addition to the videos, the summary slides and the files on which the examples are made during the lessons are included. A complete and well-done course that will help you create iOS programs.

Remember, however, that in order to be able to program for iOS, you also need to have an object-based programming base, which is the foundation for developing apps for iPhone, iPod and iPad. If you need a course for object-oriented programming, you will also find an additional 2.5-hour dedicated course.

But how much do these courses cost? Are they as expensive as the others?

The cost of courses absolutely accessible to everyone! The iOScosta video course for iOS 199,90 and in promotion at 129.90 for the first 40 buyers.

The one relating to the programming at Oggetticosta 24,90 in promotion until Sunday at 19.90.

So if you want to learn to program for iPhone, iPod and iPad or iOS in general, I recommend you consider these courses.

Try a ride on BuyDifferent!

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