Learn Dothraki: there is an app for that too

Learn Dothraki: there is an app for that too

Dothraki Companion, the must-have app for every Game of Thrones fan

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If you are passionate about A Game of Thrones, a literary and television saga that certainly needs no introduction, you will no doubt have followed the events of Danaerys Targaryen and his marriage to Khal Drogo, powerful ruler of the ethnic war Dothraki.

Would your dream be to be able to ride in the Dothraki sea driving a khalasar? You would like to be able to communicate with other GoT enthusiasts in the language of the horselord?

Well, publisher Random House LLC, already the creator of many online language courses, has launched the mobile app for learn Dothraki!

Dothraki Companion will teach you the Khal language thanks to a series of very useful functions: from the vocabulary of fundamental phrases to gaming dynamics like flash cards and interactive lessons.

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In addition to this, the possibility of simulate a conversation of the khalasar, in case you don't have the opportunity to practice the language live by having a chat in the Dothraki sea under the house.

Dothras chek to all!


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