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LCD monitor: lower prices higher production

The first fruits of Apple's investment ($ 100 million) at Samsung (the world's largest LCD manufacturer, with 20% market share in the early months of 2000) now become tangible.

A Korean plant has just been put into operation that will produce 'TFT LCD display with modern 14.1 "technologies (they will initially produce 270,000 pieces a month and then reach 540,000 next year) and 17" or 21.3 " .

It should be noted that Apple currently has no 17 ″ LCD display, so two hypotheses can be deduced, or this line will produce Samsung branded displays or soon (Seybold?) An LCD with this intermediate measurement will be announced but the beautiful 17 ″ CRT with recently introduced flat tube is cannibalizing.

Currently the Taiwanese (How much the current PowerBook, Compal and Arima already produces) are the manufacturers that offer the best prices for LCD displays, about 30% lower than the Korean ones, Samsung has lowered the cost of its 14 "$ 100 from January to today ($ 450 each), $ 350 in the same period for the 17" ($ 850 each) and Philips, for its 18 ", reduced the price by $ 700 (now they cost $ 1100 each) and the prospects for the future (maybe already this Christmas) are excellent.

The demand for LCDs around the world is booming and by 2006 a $ 42.2 billion market is at stake.