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Land Air Sea Warfare: real-time strategy in style on iPhone and touch

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Land Air Sea Warfare: real-time strategy in style on iPhone and touch –

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Finally, fans of real-time strategy games have a new title with which to stretch their fingers anytime, anywhere with iPhone and touch. Land Air Sea Warfare promises all that summarized in the name of the game: immense real-time combat between sky, sea and land vehicles, all managed in a practical way with the multi-touch interface. Unlike the numerous tower defense and also the few RTS available on the App Store, Land Air Sea Warfare offers a complete gaming experience with all the functions and features preferred by fans.

In addition to managing attacks and defense, it is possible to send stealth planes, submarines or camouflaged troops to explore the territory and the activities of the enemy. As in any good RTS, it is necessary to explore the map to identify the resources and exploit them properly: this is the only way to build a well-defended base ready to churn out numerous different types of vehicles. Among buildings, vehicles and technologies, the player has over 100 choices that make the game varied and addicting. All completed by over 250 voices for the units, audio and graphic effects cured for animations and explosions, over 40 different types of terrain used to create ever different game maps.

In this first version Land Air Sea Warfare does not offer a story that acts as a glue between the various scenarios and not even a multiplayer mode that will be included in a future update. For the moment it is only possible to face the computer against always different maps generated randomly.

Land Air Sea Warfare proposed on the App Store for 3.99 euros.

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