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LaCie speakers become USB

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LaCie speakers become Usb logomacitynet1200wide 1

LaCie presented an evolution of FireWire Speakers: the new USB Speakers designed by Neil Poulton.

As can be guessed from the name, the LaCie USB Speakers connect to the PC or Mac via the USB port, offering good audio quality and rendering power unnecessary. As with the original FireWire version, the Speakers were awarded the 2007 Quality Mark Janus by the French Institute of Design and nominated in issue 100 of the Design magazine of Time. LaCie has also been awarded the Design Observer Star 2008 by the French Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creations (APCI).

Note that the speakers can also be connected to an MP3 device by purchasing a separate power supply.

LaCie USB Speakers are already available through the network of LaCie distributors at the suggested price of 59, significantly lower than the original FireWire Speakers which cost 119 and remain available.

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