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LaCie, fourth generation of ElectronBlue monitors

LaCie, fourth generation of ElectronBlue monitors – Macitynet.it

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Although by now the era of TFT monitors, the time of CRTs has not yet passed. In particular, large screens remain an extremely topical and qualitatively valid product for those who need faithfulness in the rendering of colors. The proof that there is still room for tube screens in the recent announcement by LaCie of two new monitors in the series. Electronblue, one 19-inch, electron19blueIV and one 22-inch, electron22blueIV.

The two high-performance monitors (2048 √ó 1536 @ 86Hz resolution) feature high-quality tubes with SuperBrightness mode for video and gaming applications that can make colors even more vivid.

ElectronblueIV monitors – they tell LaCie – offer all those who need to work with large layouts a large viewing area. The Wide Viewing Angle technology, which they are equipped with, guarantees perfect color viewing from all angles without any image distortion. The Aperture Grille type cathode ray tube offers a natural flat surface – vertically and horizontally – and reduces eye strain. electron19blueIV and electron22blueIV have a USB hub located on the side to allow easy and convenient access to USB devices

The LaCie electronblueIV monitors are compatible with the LaCie blue eye and blue eye vision hardware calibrators and are supplied with a VGA / VGA data cable and blue eyelid to reduce unwanted shadows and reflections. The new CRT electronblueIV monitors are on sale at 150 LaCie Partners at the recommended price of: electron19blueIV: 537 euros (excluding VAT) electron22blueIV: 1,150 euros (excluding VAT)

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