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LaCie Databank, precious design for precious data

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Still on the crest of the wave of style, LaCie presents a new generation of data storage devices. Unique in the landscape of data storage comes the LaCie Data Bank, dedicated to users who love products that can combine high technology with a refined and unmistakable style and design.

LaCie's solutions are, in fact, designed by prestigious internationally renowned designers such as Philippe Starck or Neil Poulton.

Now the well-known Austrian agency Porsche Design GmbH has designed the new ultra-portable hard disk, LaCie Data Bank, an authentic masterpiece of elegance and style: it has the shape of an ingot and an innovative and refined magnesium alloy design.

"Equipped with USB 2.0 and FireWire connection, LaCie Data Bank combines portability, power and ease of use, characteristics that make it a unique device on the market. The new hard drive is a practical solution to carry around and its exclusive and refined design "- declares Patrice Henry, General Manager of LaCie Italia. "LaCie Data Bank is self-powered and does not require driver installation as it is compatible with Windows XP and Mac OS X operating systems."

Dirk Schmauser, General Manager of Porsche Design GmbH, describes the creative process of LaCie Data Bank with these words: β€œThe geometric style of the device simultaneously expresses the mobile and desktop functions. The symbolic relationship between its function, its design and its name are all evident details: a hi-tech and high-end device for storing data, from the ancient form of an ingot and worked with engravings that bring back the name and serial number. "

The compact LaCie Data Bank is in the palm of a hand and can store up to 20 GB of data. very light, it weighs less than 140 grams and its dimensions, 111x63x13mm, are comparable to those of a credit card, as well as being as thin as a mobile phone. LaCie Data Bank available with dual USB 2.0 and FireWire interface and can be connected to a running computer.

LaCie Data Bank offers a quick and easy way to increase the data storage capacity of computers: it can store up to 20 GB of data, as well as being an ideal solution for back-up. With LaCie Data Bank, you can always carry around hundreds of company presentations, databases, spreadsheets, word and image files. Regardless of the type of interface used, the new LaCie hard drive transfers data at a speed of over 400 Mbps. Its speed is guaranteed even when you want to watch movies (in MPEG-2 format) or listen to music on the go ( in Mp3 format) from your notebook. The possibility of connecting it with the computer on allows the exchange of data between nearby locations in an extremely simple way.

LaCie Data Bank available from January at LaCie partners and specialty stores at the price, including VAT, recommended for: 5GB * LaCie Data Bank (FireWire + USB 2.0): 259 *; 10GB * LaCie Data Bank (FireWire + USB 2.0): 349 *; 20GB * LaCie Data Bank (FireWire + USB 2.0): 399 *

The LaCie Data Bank package includes the velvet case, the Silverlining utilities disc (Mac / Windows) and SilverKeeper, the backup software for Mac. For iLink users or those who connect Data Bank to a USB hub that does not release power , an optional power supply and interface cable are available.