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Konfabulator Mania!

Konfabulator 1.0 a shareware of Arlo Rose that is based on a Javascript engine and allows you to create "Widgets": simple applications with remarkable potential that "pair" beautifully with the characteristics of Mac OS X: widgets can be alarms (obviously also sound ), games or signal indicators like Airport level or controls like iTunes.

The widgets supplied are distinguished by their beauty, well-kept appearance and an intelligent use of Quartz transparencies that allows them not to disturb the positioning and movement of icons and not to make them look like windows in their own right but a real integration of the desk .. Among these we mention Analog and digital clock, calendar, battery status and large icon for the detection of meteorological data of a city of your choice (also Italian).

But if the first widgets left a desire for the narrow practical utility, the first elaborations that are beginning to crowd the gallery of the Konfabulator site show how the author's idea is spot on: the software acts as a "bridge ”To new widgets that manage access to the system and / or data available on the Internet: reading newsfeeds with scrolling on the screen, accessing stock market data, CD covers to be shown on the desktop when playing a certain album with iTunes…

The author of Konfabulator naturally promotes the creation of new Widgets that can make his creation more and more popular and useful, and on the site there are both instructions for those who want to try their hand in the company and templates for creating ad hoc icons . You need to know JavaScript, use XML and create images in .PNG format that manage transparencies.

Even our readers have "fallen in love" with the software and have opened an area of ​​the forum dedicated to the changes and discoveries of its capabilities (including that of Luca Bertolli on the "Italianization" of the calendar): start from this page to learn more pi.

Konfabulator shareware and costs 25 $, price a high p but the free evaluation and if you see that you can not do without it especially for the additional widgets register and reward the developer. You can download it from this page.