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Kodak digital machines for mobile phones?

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Kodak is considering entering the digital mobile camera market.

The prospect of "post sale" products or accessories with the brand of the photography giant was feared by the CEO of Kodak himself, Dan Carp.

“We see that cell phone manufacturers are introducing a great many digital cameras to the market. We would like to work with them to see if there is anything we can do to improve them from a technological point of view "

If Kodak succeeds in its aim, the potential that is presented to it is really very interesting. Motorola, Samsung and Nokia have unveiled mobile phones equipped with digital cameras and in the future, with the lowering of costs and the spread of broadband, this could be a sector in strong expansion. Kodak could also have a role in the field of mobile displays, destined in the future to use OLED technology in which the American company is among the pioneers.

Carp has specified that Kodak is interested in entering the market of digital cameras for mobile phones only if users are induced and encouraged to print the images.

"If they continue to be a way of saying" hello "- said Carp – I don't think we can play a role."

Recall that Kodak makes great profits in the field of printing, both professional and consumer, by selling papers and products for printing and development.