Kickon, the app that takes you to parties

Kickon, the app that takes you to parties

The latest app for party-goers comes from Australia. It's called Kickon and allows you to access the most suitable private event for your evening

(Photo: Kickon)(Photo: Kickon)

Saturday night, the desire to revel so much, but you have not organized in time. What to do? Grab your smartphone, go to the store and download Kickon.

The app works roughly like Tinder and allows you to choose the party you need from the many events offered, filtering them based on the location and distance to be traveled. Once you have found your party, ask for the opportunity to participate, after which the organizers will check your profile and, if they like you, they will approve the request. The guarantee of entering the party gives you a kicket, a entrance ticket with barcode that allows promoters to monitor who shows up at the door. Once the party is over, you can evaluate hospitality with a score up to 5 stars.

Conceived by an Australian team, Kickon born initially in response to the harsh laws on nightlife in Sydney, rules that risk spilling a significant number of people through the streets at the early closure of the premises. Kickon, the developers claim, could instead eliminate this risk by bringing people to continue the evening in private homes.

Currently, the application is only available on iOS, but official sources soon promise landing on Android. Loading times are quite long due to the unexpected flow of users as early as the first week. The application has indeed received 5,500 downloads and is promoting around 200 events worldwide.


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