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Keynote via satellite, here's how

The satellite transmission of the San Francisco keynote will be there but reception will not be easy or accessible to all (or almost) those who are a little familiar with motorized dishes and decoders.

From what Macity has learned, in fact, on this occasion Apple has decided to use a particular satellite called Telecom 2D (part of the Eutelsat fleet) focused eminently on northern France.

The choice determined by the fact that the branch of the old continent on the occasion of the keynote, instead of sending the signal to the various branches of each country, decided to organize a "centralized" event in Paris where they will converge, always from what has been learned from reliable sources, journalists and country managers.

It may be thought that this decision was dictated by the desire to preview and live the news of the keynote, something that in the past, for logistical reasons, it was almost never possible to do when local events were organized.

A choice that can be shared but that in practice for the "normal" users of the satellites for broadcasting makes it more difficult to receive the keynote signal.

In any case, those interested, have the equipment and the skills to set up their system, can try to point the parabola on the 8 degrees west by tuning the decoder on the downlink frequency 11606.7 in Y polarization; the S / R of 6.1113, the FEC 3/4.

For Northern Italy up to Milan and Genoa we recommend a parabola of ninety centimeters (although sixty should be sufficient to guarantee an optimal quality of vision) from Rome onwards it is necessary to have more generous measures considering that the south-eastern part of Sicily and the toe of the boot may also be completely excluded from signal reception.

Regarding the satellite reception of the keynote, Macity will be grateful to those who are able to provide more information on the matter. Details and clarifications can be sent to (email protected)