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Keynote bugs irritate users

Difficult debut for Keynote.

The multimedia presentation application, announced and released during Macworld's inaugural speech, is causing more than one user to despair.

Malfunctions, unexpected closures, small and large problems are also reported and testified by Apple's official discussion forum by those who have had the opportunity to experience the application that has the ambition to compete with Microsoft's PowerPoint, of which a direct competitor.

But many users are not surprised by the simple bugs that can be found in an application that, ultimately, is currently almost a pre-release. Rather, what leaves the tendency to "pull down" the entire operating system perplexing.

Programs that force, on crash, to restart the machine are something extremely rare for Mac OS X users. Really reprehensible, some of Keynote users claim, if this happens for an application produced by Apple, even of more if we consider that Cupertino implicitly presents the software as a real gauntlet to Microsoft.

The tendency to "tilt" the operating system, it seems by now established, according to the testimonies, seemed to be limited to machines considered entry level for the application (such as the iBook G3 500 and PB G3), especially in conditions of scarcity of Ram . Apple for the past few hours, informed of the problem, has envied the problem in a conflict between the program and the ATI graphics processor when using Mac OS X 10.2.3 (10.2 and 10.2.2 are exempt), as mentioned by Macity a few days ago

Cupertino engineers are investigating how to fix the bug.