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Keynote 1.0 from Apple: the alternative presenter

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"Apple has presented Keynote, a new generation application that allows any type of user to create extraordinary professional-quality presentations. Extremely easy to use as the legendary Apple tradition wants, Keynote includes professional-quality themes, surprising typographical elements, amazing resizing functionality of images, tables and animated graphics that can be created in seconds and sophisticated cinematic transitions. Available now at the Apple Store price of 118.80 euros (VAT included), Keynote allows you to import and export documents in PowerPoint, QuickTime and PDF format, to facilitate the creation and sharing of presentations.

"Using Keynote as having a team of professional graphic designers to create your own presentations," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "The application to use for presentations that really matter: it never disappoints."

Keynote includes 12 Apple-designed themes that provide coordination of backgrounds, fonts, colors, bullet points, tables and graphs. You can change the theme of your presentation several times, modify an existing theme according to your tastes or create personalized themes to give presentations a unique appearance.

Keynote takes advantage of Mac OS X's exclusive Quartz technology as well as OpenGL to create presentations rich in breathtaking graphic elements such as texts with anti-aliasing, transparencies, dynamic shadows and cinematic-quality transitions between the slides. You can easily drag-and-drop graphics, digital photos, QuickTime movies, and audio elements into presentations. Keynote's self-aligning guides and rulers allow you to position text and graphics with maximum precision and simplicity.

With Keynote you can create extraordinary graphs and tables in seconds. Users can choose from eight different types of graphs, progressively view the information contained in graphs and tables and apply extraordinary animations, shadows and labels to them. The data included in the graphs and tables can be imported from applications such as Excel and AppleWorks or organized directly in Keynote's Chart Data Editor.

Thanks to Keynote, managing large slide shows has never been easier. The innovative Navigator tool constantly offers a quick visual overview of the entire presentation. The miniatures can be grouped into sections which, depending on your needs, can be reduced or enlarged for a more efficient display and organization of your masterpieces. And for text-oriented presentations, Keynote provides useful tools such as viewing the text structure and notes for the speaker.

Prices and availability Keynote available as of now online on the Apple Store website (, or at authorized Apple retail outlets and retailers at the Apple Store price of 118.80 euros (VAT included). Minimum system requirements include Mac OS X version 10.2 (Mac OS X v10.2.3 recommended), PowerPC G3 processor, 256MB of RAM and 8MB of video RAM. "