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JVC will launch the first LCD televisions with an integrated iPod dock

The integration of the Apple mp3 player into entertainment technologies continues: at the next CES 2008, JVC will present the first LCD TV with iPod dock included.

In order to enjoy movies and music contained on iPod, it will no longer be necessary to connect the player via cable, but just insert it into the TV dock. Thanks to a remote control equipped with a circular pad, the Apple player can be controlled comfortably seated on the sofa, selecting songs or videos directly from the TV menu.

You can then view images or choose to watch television programs simultaneously with music playback.

Two models will be marketed by next March, 32 ″ and 42 ″; will follow 47 ″ by April and a 52 ″ in mid 2008. JVC TV prices have not yet been made public.