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June 29, 2007: the day of the iPhone told live by Macitynet

To describe what is happening in these hours in the USA for the iPhone launch, a beautiful 1976 album by Ornella Vanoni "the desire the madness the unconsciousness the joy" with music and lyrics by Toquinho and Vinicio de Moraes comes in handy: not that there is something Brazilian in the event but surely the four conditions of the human soul that make up the title seem to us the most suitable to describe the "epochal" moment in Apple's history.

The desireLet's face it: iPhone is not a product invented from scratch in Apple, a product desired by users, first of all those who use the Mac before the advent of Intel, of iBM, who know the apple brand before the arrival of the iPod. The desire for the iPhone stems from the fact that those who know Apple's philosophy, its approach to product design and above all to software development know how the relationship between man and technological devices for work and fun can be revolutionized.

iPhone was in everyone's dreams even before the success of the iPod and the transformation of the Cupertino digital player into a planetary success, its progressive mutation into a "commodity", an indispensable object even beyond the passing fashions thanks to the creation of a real own technological ecosystem: all these factors have actually pushed Apple to launch into a completely new field where the competitors are called Nokia, SonyEricsson, Motorola, Samsung and nevertheless Microsoft.

But those who know Apple expected that with Steve Jobs' perfection mania and the creative resources he can stimulate, Cupertino's first phone would not have been a normal multimedia cell phone with flash memory and a splash of interactivity on the iPod like many of the competitors , who knows and uses Apple expected and wanted something that amazed at the simplicity, the power and the possibility of interaction, which triggered once again the question "but how come nobody thought about it before?"

In recent years (see this collection of reports) dozens of enthusiasts, apprentices and competition designers have endeavored to create a virtual iPhone or to make it by mixing advanced technologies and the software available on the market: well, with the phone Apple already presented, the various full screen and touch technology emulators cannot even remotely recreate the feeling of control or the emotional feedback that the use of the Apple object can provide.

MadnessThey call it madness because out of the canons, because it goes beyond the rules but very often an extreme form of visionary, perceiving beyond all what others see, knowing how to bend technological progress or direct it towards new roads.

After all, Apple does not represent Steve Jobs's "madness", what is called Reality Distortion Field, which makes reality malleable and suitable for one's perception of the world and above all makes it acceptable to millions of users who buy the least as un pi: a mouse with a single button, a remote control with 6 buttons, a video player that does not read the DivX … so iPhone is not complete, it lacks a plugin for Flash, the management of the mms, the GPS assisted navigation but we bet that in the face of its many other qualities and abilities, shortcomings will be enhanced as a positive peculiarity.

And the first question that many ask in front of the iPhone: who is the fool who would buy a phone that in just two years costs just under $ 2,000, only to do a series of accounts and find out that the MotoQ enhanced by Microsoft is offered on plans more expensive rate cards.

unconsciousnessUnconsciousness is the reflection of madness and leads you to choose a product, a computer, a phone, a music player against all conventions, majorities, fashions based on emotion, on the return of sensations that you will have in using an object which is not only designed to "work" but also to accompany you in your daily surroundings.

iPod born against everyone and everything and over time has become a phenomenon of fashion and customs but also today that the disappeared "trend" effect continues to be an almost irreplaceable tool for those who want to listen to music on the move and its persistent primacy due to software , the ease of access to its menus that make any other similar primitive gizmo.

cheerfulnessThe date of June 29th is an important step in the history of the Californian company: iPhone a big bet for Apple: not the company's first consumer product given the previous iPod, but as for iPod it is the "reinvention" of an object that we already find in everyday life with a new concept of interactivity born perhaps from the old Newton (the first true PDA in history born in Cupertino) and never brought to levels of excellence by the excellent products of the great mobile phone manufacturers. it is therefore a solemn moment for those who work in the company, an important step in the history of a company that has deleted the word "computer" from its corporate name.

The lines in front of the shops, the typically American folklore that showcases characters from a variegated human sample on YouTube and on large networks ranging from a sociology student to a chronic lover, from technogeek to a crazy presence are the representation of a light-hearted approach to an event that will not change everyday problems but that becomes an occasion to celebrate to meet again and to become protagonists of the attention of many other crazy, unconscious or only curious people multiplied by the pervasiveness of the network for a few hours.

Finally the joy with which some reviewers like the tightrope walker David Pogue interpreted iPhone and the rampant pre-iPhonemania … in the end only a phone … but I like it!

Meanwhile, we are beginning to crave another object that passes under Apple's functional and aesthetic review: the writer is waiting for a nice touch screen room thermostat with OS X interface that finally allows you to adjust the temperature of your apartment without going crazy for hours to remember the use of buttons, buttons and led indications. Steve we are waiting for you in this field too …

(update) Macitynet has a correspondent in New York who is queuing at the less crowded Apple store in Soho … after midnight we will have his impressions of use … see you on June 30th!