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Juice 4: the free PDF of APstore is back in the Summer 2010 edition

The new version of Juice, the guide to Apple products by APstore, the great Italian chain of stores dedicated to the world of apple, is available for download. Issue 4 comes out exactly one year after the first edition and continues its mission of making access to the many capabilities of Cupertino products easy for personal and professional use.

The interaction between iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC is growing more and more and Juice guides you in discovering the applications that allow different worlds to interact and exchange data. Exclusively compared to what Macitynet offers on the Web, who created the PDF for APstore, it offers you a guide to iOS 4 and a complete review of the iPhone 4 just arrived in the editorial office. As usual, there is a review of the most interesting software for iPhone and iPod touch, and from this issue, also for iPad, also thoroughly reviewed in an explanatory article: "What's the use of iPad"?

One of Juice 4's most interesting novelties is also reserved for iPad: the format. The very first version optimized for reading on the Apple tablet, in the next few hours will also be available in the 16: 9 format more suitable for full-page reading on Mac and laptops.

We remind you that Juice will be a "live PDF" and will be updated with articles and additions until the next issue is released.

To download Juice 4 games from this page.

We recommend using iBooks for iPad and iPhone to read the document: just download the PDF on your computer and then drag it to the iTunes icon. The PDF becomes part of the Books to be synchronized and the next time you connect the device, simply check that the appropriate checkbox in the "Books" tab of iTunes is active and then start synchronization.

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