remove jqs.exe

JQS.exe how to remove Java Quick Starter from startup

jqs.exe alias Java Quick Starter a process introduced by the Java version SE 6 update 10 of JAVA, active in Windows XP operating systems and not present in Vista and Windows Seven, so rest assured, if you see this process in your task manager, you have not run into a worm , n in a trojan, n in a virus, in short, nothing to do with malware.remove jqs.exe

The Java Quick Starter was born precisely in order to improve the startup time of all Java applications and applets that exploit it, by reading ahead before using the most used Java files. If you have come this far to find information about this process, and know how to remove it, you will have noticed that it starts at every Windows session, takes up about 2 MB of RAM, and even if it takes up little or nothing the processor in resources and calculations , for those who like to keep their computer clean to give 100% performance, this useless process can be disabled.

For the removal or better the deactivation of this process, nothing is simpler!

jqs.exe how to dissativate this process from startup

Click on Start, look for the item Control Panel and click on it.

In the left panel, if you haven't done so already, click above on Switch to Classic View.

Now look for the item JAVA and open it with a double click.

A window will open, in which you will have to go to select the "Advanced" menu.

Under "Miscellaneous", click on + to expand it.

Now it will be enough to remove the cue from the item Java Quick Starter as you see above in the image and click on Ok to confirm the changes.

For older computers, removing this process from the start, even if small, along with many others, can give an extra boost to those who still don't want to change their computer.

If you consider that with every new Windows service pack or every single update, the amount of virtual memory always increases, keeping your computer clean from useless processes always something good!