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Jobs: iTunes at 80% of the market

Jobs: iTunes at 80% of the market logomacitynet1200wide 1

Concerns about Yahoo's entry into the world of digital music? None. To deny that for Apple there is a danger caused by the debut of the online music store of the Internet giant was yesterday Steve Jobs in person.

"I am curious to see their results – he told reporters who interviewed him on the sidelines of the world conference of developers – for now I only have at hand those we monitor every week. We have sold 430 million songs to date and the pace has reached half a billion a year. Our market share continues to increase ".

According to Jobs the data today say that the iTunes Music Store would have 80% of the market share. "And this percentage continues to grow in the last six / nine months. And this even if new competitors have debuted. We are doing things that no one thought could be possible. "

The position of Jobs, which basically claims that Yahoo can take away market share from someone, but that the damaged can be substantially Real and Napster, seems to be shared also by analysts according to whom the share of iTunes protected by the large installed base of iPod.

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