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Jobs for President! But he doesn't want to know.

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A site is born where this William Foster launches the candidacy for US president of Steve Jobs (of course for the Democrats party), too bad that the Apple boss knows nothing about it.

Within 10 minutes the site receives 10,000 hits and the idea seems to materialize, while the server crashes due to too many accesses.

Then he learns that Jobs would visit the site and take note of the initiative but that he also told his assistant to phone Foster to inform him that "Mr. Jobs is very busy with his family and his two companies so as not to give him time to conduct a bloody political campaign. "

It seems that a good part of the ten thousand would have voted for the Apple CEO even with Newton's pen if he had been offered the chance!

At only the writing remains readable: "Wow, the answer was incredible! Thank you for visiting the Steve Jobs US Presidential Application Proposal Site. We had to temporarily shut down the server due to the very high interest generated. The good news that this is proof of the very high interest it has generated. The bad one that Steve Jobs contacted us and told us that the proposal is not of interest to him. All donations will be returned, thanks for the messages and for the funds! ".

Recall that Steve Jobs and his wife Laurene are great supporters of the Democratic Party, it seems that since 1996 they have contributed with lavish donations (there are those who counted them: $ 250,000), especially in the Clinton era, with the Jobs family there have been frequent contacts exchanging respective hospitality: Jobs had Clinton host and family in one of his residences in the bay of San Francisco, Clinton allowed Jobs to sleep in President Lincoln's room in the White House in Washington.

By now late for the 2004 presidential elections, hope is not lost for 2008, it seems that the Democrats are still looking for the man (or woman) who can challenge President Bush.