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Jedi Knight II in beta

Good news for fans of the Star Wars universe and games in general. Aspyr has in fact announced over the weekend that the port of Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast arrived at the beta phase.

A playable and beta version of the title, which marks the return to Mac of a "shoot 'em up" product by Lucas Arts, was shown at Quakecon 2002.

Jedi Knight II was one of the biggest hits in recent months on the PC platform and the Mac world is eagerly awaiting its release for Mac OS.

The story features the protagonist Kyle Katarn, a Jedi in fact, fighting against the dark forces, including some Jedi attracted to the dark force. The game's distinctive feature is the variety of weapons including the inevitable lightsaber.

The character, who moves in extremely detailed environments, able to move with realistic movements, jumping, running and applying all the Jedi tricks.

The graphics engine that of Quake III and Jedi Knight II will be compatible with both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.

The release, already scheduled for last August, is expected to take place now within September