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Java by decree on all copies of Windows

Java by decree in all copies of Windows – Macitynet.it

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One hundred twenty days. This is the time available for Microsoft to include in all copies of Windows that will distribute the Java machine in the future.

The provision was announced later today by Judge Motz, whose examination, as is known, was the case that juxtaposes the house of Redmond and Sun. The subject of the dispute is the dubious market operations implemented by the Gates company which, according to the same Sun, they would have jeopardized the future of the universal Java language. In particular, Microsoft would have conducted a sort of "predatory" tactic on the Java market, embracing the standard, transforming it to its foundations, undermining its basic meaning and then abandoning it. Sun was demanding the mandatory inclusion of Java in all copies of Windows.

Motz confirmed Sun by ordering with a preliminary injunction (pending the regular series of hearings) to include Java in Windows and Internet Explorer, also obliging Redmond to inform his customers that a new version of Java available for the download.

For now, the order only concerns the American market. Outside the U.S. Microsoft is authorized to wait for Sun to deliver localized copies of the Java machine.

Sun managers acclaim Motz's disposition as "a victory for consumers, for the business world and for the global Java community"

In turn, however, Microsoft announced an immediate appeal to the federal court in Richmond.

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